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Maintaining Workplace Culture and Team Connectedness With Remote Work

From casual office conversations to organized team-building events, companies use a variety of methods to help employees feel connected to one another in person. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to adopt remote work with little preparation, some companies may have neglected workplace culture and connectedness. However, organizations with extensive remote work experience have come up with various ways to connect and motivate employees without in-person interactions.

Build Trust and Transparency

Employees working with poorly-designed remote work programs may feel that they can’t connect with and trust superiors the same as they can in the office. Business leaders should make an effort to connect with employees of all kinds. Virtual all-hands meetings, conducted with tools like ShowMyPC’s remote meeting functionality, are a good way for employees at all levels to interact with company leaders. 

In a recent Accenture study, employees at high-trust companies reported 74% lower stress levels and 50% better productivity

Trust goes both ways. For managers to trust employees to complete their work with limited oversight, employees must also trust their managers. Frequent “town hall” meetings and 1-on-1 meetings between employees and managers help build trust and improve connections.

Adapt Onboarding

Teams which had already worked together in person can oftentimes transition to remote work without a hitch. On the other hand, setting new employees up for success can be more challenging. 

Group onboarding is a solution embraced by many remote-first companies. New employees start their employment in groups, which allows them to learn and build trust more quickly. Some companies might want to appoint an experienced employee to onboarding groups so as to provide support and mentorship. 

Additionally, companies should make sure that managers check in with new employees frequently during the onboarding process. Communication requires more effort when employees work remotely, which means that it can be accidentally neglected for too long. However, it’s important to avoid micromanaging. 

Share the Mission and Vision

Employees working at high-functioning companies all share the company’s vision. Just like creating trust, a shared vision is an important requirement for employees to work well remotely. This element of corporate culture also comes from the top. Whole-company meetings are a good way for leaders to share important company-wide information that can help motivate employees at any organizational level.

It All Starts With Good Technology

In the 2019 Crain’s Future of Work survey, 78% of respondents said that remote work availability increased retention. Well-designed remote work initiatives give employees freedom and flexibility while emphasizing trust and accountability. 

For every kind of remote work communication, a powerful online meeting solution is a requirement. ShowMyPC offers online meeting technology that makes virtual collaboration easy. With screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, remote support, and more, ShowMyPC is a great foundation for making remote work even more productive than office work.

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