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Tapping into the benefits of the ShowMyPC private hosting packages

ShowMyPC private hosting packages are an incredibly popular option with many of our clients. We have no less than four private hosting package options – if you aren’t sure whether a private hosted solution is for you, read on to discover some of the great benefits they can bring to your organization.

Flexibility to grow
Our private hosted plans are purposefully designed to help you grow and scale your business at your own pace and in your own time. We’ve packed them with lots of useful features and each of the four tiers of package can be used across the ShowMyPC range of services and functions. That means whether you go for our entry level Private2 package or the enterprise level Unlimited, you can use it to carry out web conferencing, screen shares, offer remote support, chair remote meetings or enable unattended PC access if you’re away from your primary device on a private server.

Low cost of ownership
Each package represents superb value for money and, regardless of your business size, our private hosted packages are extremely cost effective. There’s no cost at all in month one – you start with a FREE 30 day trial and we provide you with free cloud hosting for life. All private hosting packages are available for a single one off payment, with prices starting from just $220.

Customizations and Integrations
Every Show My PC private hosting package can be integrated with any software or website. We offer customization to suit your own unique needs on plans Private7 and above. Some customization options include redundant server support, domain security verification and SSH security verification. You can also add geographical server support, customize your private hosting with a custom message on start or add a call external service.

Lifetime License
Once you purchase a plan, you’ll receive a lifetime license. This gives you free cloud hosting for life, plus all of the benefits of your chosen package with unlimited meetings, report support and access for a single one off payment.

No maintenance required
No matter the size of your business, server maintenance can be an expensive, time consuming and tedious headache. With a ShowMyPC private hosted package however, you have the convenience and security of being able to host multiple meetings with none of the expense or technical capability demanded by server maintenance.

Visit our private packages page for more information or to get your free 30 day trial started.

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